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Commissions are OPEN

Please take a look at the pricing guides below to verify the medium of your choice, size and contact information. Email me at for your selection and I will direct you to my paypal account.

For pet portraits: please send a medium to high resolution image. Low resolution images will not be accepted. The prices are listed by medium and how many pets you wish to have in your portrait, 1 pet, 2 pets, 3 pets etc. per image request. The mediums are also listed as watercolor on 300 lb paper or pastels on a suede mat. All orders will ship in between cardboard to ensure a safe delivery. Pastels are unfixed (due to the nature of the pastel on suede as fixative will ruin) packed with vellum/parchment or paper cover.

Custom Painting/Collage Painting prices coming soon!

Custom P

Prints: Prints are available, please message me if there is an image shown on the website that is not available in the shop you are interested in! My Etsy shop is now closed.

Below is a pricing guide for various print options based on size. Matte finish for regular prints, giclée fine art print, canvas print, canvas stretched on bars, and plack mounted prints. Plak mounting is a new way to print reproductions onto a premium hardboard or fiberboard and sealed/protected by a tough, durable and washable laminate. This is an entirely new printing option available from my printing supplier.

Shipping: Times vary based on the item. Prints will take up to 1- 1 1/2 weeks, while custom portraits will take at least 1-2 (less or more depending how complicated the piece) weeks for completion for 11x14 or smaller, and 3-4 weeks for 16x20 or larger. Shipping estimate does not include the time given for completion of portrait.

Please contact me for any questions you may have, I am always more than happy to answer them!

Thank you.



*Prices of prints include shipping, except canvas on stretcher bars which may add upwards to $100-$200 in shipping charges as I stretch the canvases myself.



*Prices of pet portraits include shipping.

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