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Art is a catalyst for amazing worlds seen through other people's eyes. My world is a bright and vivid one created from my dreams and emotions. I tend to escape the world by using it to deal with everyday stresses and big life changes by focusing on the whimsical and surreal aspects to my work.

I often work with collage and mixed media as my base. I like the contrast of paint and paper that makes it difficult to see where one edge begins and the other ends. It creates a visual conversation and allows all the layers and textures to work together. This way of layering carries over into all mediums, be it watercolor, marker, and digital designs. The beauty is inside the chaos.

My father passed away in 2014 unexpectedly, which pushed me in my creative endeavors. He was an amazing person that influenced me in many ways. A man of so many talents himself, I saw him go through cancer in 2002, a heart attack in 2004, leg amputation in 2008 and the second leg amputation just before the Thanksgiving of 2014. He never let it become a handicap. He was an inspiration to everyone he met. His faith carried him through all of his body's failings with a warm smile and kind heart. That is my inspiration and my legacy to carry on. Face the world and give it your voice. Most of all never let the things that happen to you pull you down, stay upbeat and positive. 

My art is my voice.

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