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It's been a long time since I have been on here, and I apologize there has been a lot going on! I got covid a month or so ago and that really put me down and out for some time. It took some time to really feel back to 100% and like I could do more than move out of bed.

I have updated the website with some new official pricing guides! I am excited to get that up and running. I still have custom painting/collage commission lists to make, but I've gotten everything else now on one page! You will notice that I no longer have a link to my Etsy page. I am in the process of phasing out my Etsy page as it has become increasingly difficult to work with them and their price gouging. I would sell a few prints here and there, but it has brought me no benefit the last few years. I am looking for other avenues to sell or if I should just sell right off my website! If anyone has any feedback please let me know. I have also been looking into a Patreon account! You can still look at my Etsy page, but I will in the meantime not have much available. You can contact me at if you have any print you really would love to have!

The new pricing lists include all the print options available, including some really cool new modern printing methods from my vender. Take a look around and I hope to not be so scarce. Wix has also not been letting me know when anyone has sent a message, so I apologize for that. I will be in touch with those of you that left some a few months ago!

Thanks always for your support.

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